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At Above the Crowd Productions we provide audio, lighting and staging production services for places of worship. We know the elements of a meaningful worship service center around the spoken word and uniting the entire congregation. The last thing you want is an interruption or poor quality sound to keep your parishioners from engaging and hearing the heart of meaning in your message. If you have ever experienced the effects of poor acoustics, then you know how much it can impact the quality of your worship services.

At Above the Crowd, we have the experience to know how to plan and operate a high-quality experience every time. We are committed to superior service and our longevity proves testament to that commitment.

Worship Events

  • Conferences
  • Christmas Service
  • Easter Service
  • Equipment Rentals

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Iglesia Rios De Agua Viva

Iglesia Rios De Agua Viva Hogares que Transforman el Mundo Conference!

Praise Chappel

Praise Chapel 2016 Conference!

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