Galas and Fundraisers

 Imagine this: You have a fantastic speaker lined up for your event, having spent tons of time and money getting them there, and while they are in the midst of captivating your audience with a touching speech and getting everyone eager to donate money to your gala when all of a sudden.. their microphone drops out! Nothing kills the atmosphere (and fundraising) quite like a major technical problem, so why would you go through all the effort of bringing in a big keynote speaker while not making sure you have the  correct technical team and equipment in place?


In live sound, intelligibility is everything. That’s why you want a partner like Above the Crowd to ensure that every word of every speech is heard loud and clear. If the sound quality prevents the audience from enjoying the Gala or Special Event, it will not only leave your audience with an unfavorable impression, it will also cost you money! That’s why we continually invest in having highly skilled people on the job and the latest state of the art equipment.


We are family owned and operated and treat every event like it’s our very own. All of our rental equipment, whether it’s a wireless system, mixing console or line array speaker, is carefully maintained so as to help eliminate any issues while on-site. Our high equipment standards help enable us to provide superior live sound production services for Special Events and Galas.

No matter the occasion, our goal is to bring the vision you have for your event to life, whether it be a high-end exclusive party, full-scale gala or charity event. We have the best tools on the market for large-scale events and take extreme pride in providing excellent customer service before, during and after your event.


Non-Profit Events We Service

  • 5K Events
  • Galas
  • Fund Raisers
  • Fashion Shows
  • Art Galleries

Our Work

Recent Events

Promise Schollar

The Ontario-Montclair Schools Foundation is dedicated to helping children achieve their college and career dreams.

We accomplish this through the Promise Scholars program which works to ensure all students have opportunities to achieve their college and career dreams through post-secondary education opportunities.

The Let it Be Foundation

To provide ongoing support and services to families of children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses
throughout the sick child’s treatment, with a focus on the entire family.

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